Sunday, November 10, 2013

Call for Papers, or Call for Progress?

When we first started working on the Call for Papers project, I had no clue what to do since I missed the day when it officially started, so I was a bit confused at the start.  My group, comprised of Kaitlyn and Idunn, really helped me understand the project better and set me on the right track.

This first image was when I first started working on our group's Call for Papers, and all I was doing was writing down all the ideas we had come up with, and seeing if they were actually good or not. I was surprised to hear that our ideas were actually interesting! I was so relieved that they were because I had no other idea at the time for something that dealt with Truth and Education. I was glad though that I was put into this topic for the Call for Papers, because it really allowed our group to get creative with what we wanted to get from the readers and writers.

This second picture is of those note cards that we did during class one day. I wanted to put these up because it kind of shows my thinking processes for one of the Call for Papers that I wrote for, which was the one called: The Force of Fiction.  With this note card activity it actually helped me organize my thinking about this Call for Papers and really get a grip on what I was going to write about, which was nice because most of the time I like to know what I'm going to write before I actually write the thing itself!
That about wraps up my reflective blog post on my process for this Call for Papers project, however, I still want to say that I think that this project is very interesting, in that Lacy is letting us, the students, compose papers on our own, and asking other students to write for them. I think that this project really requires a large amount of creativity no matter what you're writing for, and what you're asking for, since you have to think of it up either by yourself or in collaboration with your group. I know that my group and I got pretty creative when it came to our Call for Papers, and I really liked it! So thanks for reading my blog post, and until next time, see ya!