Sunday, December 1, 2013

My learning path isn't normal?

I thought a lot about my thinking in this English class over the Thanksgiving Break. I also thought about how I could write this blog without making it seem too, focused in just one direction, and what I mean is the whole,"I was like this, now I'm like this" jazz.  So, in order to really help me get an understanding for this whole topic I looked back at what we were supposed to do, and got a really interesting idea when I looked at that and a picture I drew in class.

I know the picture is hard to see, but basically I was trying to draw what I thought my learning process was like in this English class.  At first it started with a basic decision about what to write or do for an assignment, that basically everyone had to do, at the beginning of the class. However, as the class progressed, it soon became unclear whether or not it was a clear and straight learning path, or a vague and curvy learning path. As you can see in the picture, the path of my learning starts to curve right or left, based on the decisions that I made, and the types of ways I went to complete work. I think that having sort of a curved learning path can be better too, for a subject like English.  I also think that this is much better because it helps a person make their own decisions and then work off those decisions on the next assignment that they get. This is definitely better than the kind of learning that we were shown that same day.

This next picture is the very straight forward and arduous learning path we were shown in class. I really don't like this learning path because of all the tests and prep you have to do, and it is VERY inaccurate when it comes to how one actually gets to college.  After seeing this, I wrote my own learning path shown above.

This was just my response about my learning path in English and kind of how my daybook helps me to learn and mix together ideas. Other than that my ideas and thoughts on this are a bit dried up.  So Thanks for reading my blog post! And sorry for the poor quality of the image to the left, I couldn't get it on here so I had to take a picture of it. See Ya!