Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reflecting on Make Cycle 2

For my second make cycle, I decided to create a three-dimensional treasure map. I created the map with paper, tape, crayons, and markers. The map represents the journey that I took to develop my internal thoughts. Each landmark and obstacle represented a certain event or subject that molded my mind to the state that it's in today. Looking back on creating my make, I realized that it had a lot to do with the one pagers that we have done over the past few weeks. I found a sort of correlation between the thought of adventure and learning. Taking a trip every now and then and learning new information to build up a new perspective is just like taking a personal journey to build up my own state of mind. Initially, I thought that the idea of creating a treasure map was a little absurd and childish, but I was comforted knowing that my idea was actually creative and interesting when my writing group and my girlfriend supported my idea. Overall, I thought that this make was very interesting and compelling and overall a fun activity to produce.
The image above is the complete treasure map that I created. As you can see, it's filled with colors and interesting figures. There's even a little booklet that explains every landmark and obstacle on the map. 


  1. you went above what other people did by adding 3d pictures! I like it

  2. I think that this map could represent a lot of peoples lives. Everyone has things blocking their life goals. All of those road blocks help you grow as a person and make achieving your goal even more rewarding.

  3. Can you post more pictures of the booklet? Maybe they are over on g+? This is super interesting!